Step-by-step actions to take during a vehicle breakdown

Prepare for the unexpected vehicle breakdown

You should prepare for even the thought of a vehicle breakdown. You may never deal with such an inconvenience in your entire life; however, what if you do?

It sure would be ideal to have an emergency roadside kit. At the very least, the kit should include signaling devices (road flares or triangles), a flashlight, and a first aid kit (the kit within the kit). If not included, it is wise to always have a few bottles of water in your car, non-perishable food items, and perhaps a couple of jackets or a blanket in case your vehicle breaks down on a winter night. The old saying – “expect the unexpected” – certainly applies to this topic.

When you experience a vehicle breakdown…


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You do not want to be stranded in the middle lane of a highway or in any lanes at all if possible. Ideally, you find a way to pull your car over to the right shoulder or into a parking lot. The goal is to separate yourself from oncoming vehicles.

A lot will be going through your head the moment your vehicle stalls. Though, try your best to stay somewhat calm and think on your feet. Pulling over on a flat road is suggested. You want oncoming vehicles to be able to see your vehicle. It’s easiest to see a broken-down vehicle straight ahead than being blindsided by one when coming up a hill or not being able to slow down for one coming down a hill.

IMMEDIATELY turn your hazard lights on

Once pulled over, turn your hazard lights on. Again, you want oncoming vehicles to notice your car. Even if it’s daytime, turn them on.

Call for help

As soon as you get your vehicle to a safe location (or as safe as it can be), call for help. Other safety precautions are important, but you want to limit the time in which you are stranded. The longer you are stranded, the less safe the situation becomes.

It’s best to contact a towing service. A towing company will board your car safely and take it to your desired location, whether it be your home or an auto repair facility. If you have no clue where to take it, the towing expert should have a few recommendations. And who knows, maybe all your vehicle needs is a jumpstart. DFW Towing Services provides emergency auto recovery and emergency jumpstarts. Give us a call at (469) 208-4200.

Place hazard devices strategically

However many flares or triangles you have, space them apart evenly. If you have three road flares, place one about 10 feet behind your vehicle, one 30 feet behind, and one 50 feet behind. They need to be spread out far enough to give proper notice to oncoming vehicles, but also closely enough to where oncoming vehicles no why they are there. Also, popping your hood is a telltale sign of a vehicle breakdown.

Wait for help

It is up to you and your surroundings whether you want to stay in your vehicle while help is on the way. Generally speaking, remaining in your vehicle is safer. You still have your car to protect you and being in it makes you less vulnerable to external factors such as unfriendly weather. With that said, if you are in a well populated neighborhood area, there should be no issues with waiting outside your car or walking into a local store as long as your car is in sight.

Remember, DFW Towing Services is just a call away! Let us get you and your vehicle to a safe place as soon as possible. Please visit our website——and our blog for additional helpful towing information.