Importance of having a towing

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The Importance of a Towing Service

A towing service will come in handy at some point in your life. You just never know when a car part will malfunction or an accident might occur. Whether it’s your fault or not, an undrivable vehicle could be the result.

That’s why it’s important to scope out a towing service ahead of time, so you will be prepared in the event of the unforeseen. And you don’t want to pick out just any towing company, but a trustworthy, reliable, reputable one.

So, do your research! Check reviews, visit towing websites, ask around, and so on and so on. You may never need a tow; however, if a situation arises where you do, wouldn’t it be ideal if you knew right away who to call for help?

Here’s all that should be pinpointed when you search for a towing service…


Towing ServiceThe sooner you get out of a bad situation the better. That’s one thing we can say with absolute certainty. DFW Towing takes every measure to get to each customer in a very timely manner. This means having a variety of tow trucks ready to depart, being fully staffed and executing a consistent communication process.

Everyone knows their role and everyone understands the protocol for handling an assignment. The last thing we want is for a customer to have to wait for an unreasonable amount of time. That’s not fair to him/her and that would be an example of us not doing our job the way we promise. Frankly, the only reason for a tow delay would be because of bad weather.

You give DFW Towing Services a call and we’ll have someone ready to head your way before the phone call even ends. We’ll need a few bits of information from you, such as your location and the year/make/model of your vehicle in need of a tow. From there, it’s go time!


While you are waiting for a towing service to arrive, it’s essential you take the proper precautions to ensure both your safety and the safety of your vehicle. The representative that you speak with on the phone should provide a number of safety tips. You may be asked where your vehicle is in proximity to the road, whether it’s still on the road, on the shoulder or pulled over into a nearby parking lot.

Keep in mind, our representative can stay on the phone with you for as long as you need. Being stranded with a broken-down vehicle can of course be a lonely moment, especially if you are by yourself or in a desolate area.

If you are stranded on the side of a busy road, try to stay clear of it. Far too many tragic stories have come to light about innocent bystanders getting hit by a car that lost control off the road. The bystanders are either standing on the side or sitting in their broken-down vehicle on the side of the road. Hence, stay away from the road!

In addition, be sure to turn your hazard lights on so oncoming vehicles can see that your car is idle. While it’s fresh on your mind, you would be wise to purchase road flares or hazard triangles and store them in your car somewhere. You can make great use of both in a breakdown situation.

Just place them in a diagonal line some 15-20 feet behind your car to give oncoming traffic a heads up. If your car is stranded on either side of a hill, adjust to 30-60 feet.

Emergency Car Lockout

Find a towing service that offers more than just towing. Moreover, find one that can get you back into your car whenever the keys are locked inside. Locking yourself out isn’t the most prideful of moments, but it happens to the best of us.

Call DFW Towing Services and we’ll hurry to you and execute a quick and painless key recovery. This is a much better solution than trying to get into your car yourself. There’s simply no need for intentionally breaking a window or wasting hours trying to find some way to get into the car on your own.

Once you realize your mistake, take a deep breath and give us a call. Before you know it, you’ll be back in your car and the incident will trickle to the very back of your mind.

Emergency Jumpstart

Not every broken-down car is in need of a towing service. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of rejuvenating the car battery. It doesn’t take a herculean effort to jump start a vehicle; however, such a task must be entrusted to the right person or people.

Towing ServiceA car in need of a jump will need the help from another car owner, another car and a set of jumper cables. If you want to avoid seeking the assistance of a stranger, call DFW Towing. This also applies if you want to avoid disrupting a friend or family member’s day and if you want to ensure the jumpstart is done right.

Reach out to the pros—the people who handle vehicle breakdowns for a living. You won’t be disrupting our day and you can rest assure your car battery will be successfully revived with our help. We can even drive you to a nearby auto shop if you need to purchase a new battery.

A few quick tips on protecting your car battery…

  • Avoid leaving lights on or the radio on when the engine isn’t running. These things will drain the battery; lights will especially do so at a rapid pace.
  • Don’t go too long without turning on your car. A battery that goes extended periods of time without being charged may not charge at all. You definitely want to abide by this suggestion during the winter months.
  • Have your battery checked when you go in for occasional maintenance checkups. It won’t take much from a mechanic to determine its condition.

What type of tow might you need?

Generally speaking, vehicles are towed in one of three ways.

  1. Hook and chain – This is the traditional way where the hook is attached to the tow hitch of a vehicle and then lifted to where only two wheels remain on the ground during transport. This option is good for short distance towing.
  2. Dolly tow – Instead of using a hook and chain, the front two wheels board a dolly that is attached to the tow truck. The other two car wheels still remain on the ground during transport, but in this case, there is no risk damaging the tow hitch or bumper. Also ideal for short distance towing.
  3. Flatbed tow – The broken-down vehicle is entirely boarded onto a flatbed and all four wheels are secured. A flatbed towing service is the safest, as it avoids wear and tear and accidental damage (typically to the bumper, drive chain, or transmission). This option is best for long distance tows.

As you might imagine, the safest of the towing options is also the most expensive of the towing options. Frankly, there’s a reason flatbed tow trucks are often seen carrying nicer vehicles. Sometimes a flatbed tow is the only option, like when a car suffers from serious damage. Using an alternative method would likely only worsen the already existing damage.

What if I need my car towed a long distance?

We covered the best long distance towing option, but you might be wondering about added costs?

Yes, a 20-mile tow will cost more than a 5-mile tow. That premise will be true with any towing service. With that said, we ensure our rates remain competitive with the rest of the industry. Some towing companies don’t even offer long distance towing. It’s nearby or nothing.

DFW Towing Services has a very central location in Dallas, TX. All sorts of populated cities surround us, including Fort Worth, Plano, Richardson, Frisco, McKinney and Allen. Our location falls right in line with our goal to get to customers as quickly as possible.

Still, a customer may not want to pay for a tow from Plano to Fort Worth. This can be a bit of a quandary if the customer either lives in Fort Worth or has their preferred repair shop in Fort Worth. The good news is our company has worked with tons of auto repair shops throughout the metroplex. As luck may have it, your undrivable car may be near a few.

Don’t worry, the shops we recommend to you would be trusted shops. And they would only be suggestions. If you don’t feel comfortable with your car going to an unfamiliar shop then we’ll work something else out. Our intentions are to make the process as easy for the customer as possible. That doesn’t just cover the tow, but also the path to repairs and a vehicle returning to its original, capable form.

Save our number in your phone–(469) 208-4200

Towing ServiceAll you have to do is keep DFW Towing’s information in your phone for safe keeping. You may never have to call us, but it’s always good to be prepared. You certainly don’t want to be scrambling for tow assistance at the time of a flat tire, a smoking engine or an accident. Way too much will be going through your mind in those scenarios and panicked decisions are rarely the best decisions.

Often times, individuals have towing coverage through their insurance policies. This is a fine option, as insurance companies generally partner with reputable towing companies. However, towing coverage does add to monthly insurance premiums. Plus, there’s no guarantee the entire cost of a tow will be paid for by an insurance company. Many companies will only pay up to a certain amount.

Ultimately, you can weigh your options. If you never need a tow then the only time you’ll waste is programming the number of a towing service in your phone. Though, tow coverage through your insurance company will gradually cost you due to an increased premium.

For the time or times in which you do need a tow, both options should do a fine job. At least, DFW Towing Services will. We can’t speak for other towing services.

DFW Towing Services

We are a towing service that offers the full package. Small cars, big trucks, U-Hauls, campers…you name it, we’ll tow it. We pride ourselves on timely towing and, of course, customer service. Every tow is important to us and we see the big picture. DFW Towing Services understands the importance of getting customers out of uncomfortable, frustrating situations.

If you’d like to learn more about one or more of our services, please visit our website, Also, you can check out our blog for additional bits of towing related advice and information.


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