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It is not the wish of motorists to have their cars break down. However, it is something that happens at one point or another. If you have not encountered a car breakdown, don’t think that it will not happen to you. It can even happen to the best vehicles, experienced motorists, or properly maintained cars. When it occurs, you want to ensure that you seek solutions immediately. One way to deal with the situation is to have flatbed towing service in Garland, TX to haul the vehicle to a garage. This way, you can have the car checked by a mechanic to determine its cause of failure and how to remedy the issue.

Choice of towing services

There are different options you may have when towing your car. A hook and chain is the commonly used form of towing where the vehicle is towed on one axle. However, the problem with this form of towing is that it can scratch bumpers. You don’t want to engage with a tow company that is going to mess up your vehicle. A flatbed tow is a safer option than wheel lift or hook and chain towing. In a flat bed tow, the entire vehicle is put on the back of a truck. The car is actually transported and not towed. The vehicle is essentially carried away from the location of breakdown.

Towing with dollies

Towing a car using dollies may be cheaper but then it can result in significant damage. If the vehicle is being towed a long distance, it may be susceptible to wear and tear. If the truck hits cracks or potholes on the road, it may cause damage to your vehicle. This form of towing is appropriate for heavy vehicles that may be difficult to haul in flatbed trucks.

It is also cheaper especially if you are on a tight-budget. Using dollies will get the job done but your vehicle may arrive with a dent. You want to ensure that the towing company takes cautionary measures to avoid damaging your vehicle.

Why flatbed towing is safer

Flatbed towing offers the advantage of not necessitating any special adjustments to the powertrain of the towed vehicle. As the vehicle is securely carried on the flatbed, it avoids the wear and tear that can occur with a conventional dolly setup. With all wheels kept off the road during flatbed towing, the process minimizes the potential for damage to the towed vehicle, providing a reliable and protective means of transportation.

However, because of the nature in which the vehicle is towed, this form of towing may be a bit expensive. Nonetheless, it will ensure that your vehicle is transported safely to the garage. A flatbed towing service in Garland, TX can take away the headache of having to worry about your vehicle being moved unsafely.

Flatbed towing stands out as a preferred method for transporting vehicles after a breakdown, as it eliminates the risk of causing damage to the transmission during the towing process. This approach is deemed the best and simplest way to transport a car post-breakdown, particularly due to its ability to prevent the wheels from hanging. If your vehicle is not excessively heavy, opting for flatbed towing is the right choice to ensure a secure and damage-free transportation solution.

Depending on the distance your car is being towed, you may want to ensure that you choose the right towing service. Also ensure the kind of towing used is safe for the car. Seeking flatbed towing service in Garland, TX will take stress away from you because you know the vehicle will be transported safely.