Emergency Car Recovery

Things can turn haywire when your vehicle suddenly malfunctions on the road. Car failures are common and when they happen, you need to know how you can deal with the situations. Having emergency car recovery service in Garland, TX such as DFW Towing makes life easier for you because you can quickly move the car to a garage for repair, and you also ensure that you don’t expose yourself to the hands of criminals. Highways can be dangerous particularly if your vehicle experiences a breakdown at night or miles away from home. You want to seek help immediately. Here are common causes of car breakdown that you need to know so that you can deal with them before the unfortunate happens to you.

Evaporative leak

At times, the fuel tends to change from liquid to gaseous form. This is called evaporative emission and can cause the vehicle to stop functioning. When the temperature outside the car increases, it is likely to increase pressure in the gas tank. This pressure may cause leaks of the fuel. While a loose gas cap could be the culprit for the leakage, you should not assume it is the cap. A cracked hose pipe could cause the leak, especially in older vehicles. You want to ensure that it is checked by a mechanic. A towing company will ensure the vehicle is moved to the garage in time.

Engine surge

The engine of your vehicle may surge because of dirty air filters. When the air filters are dirty, they force the engine to work harder. This may cause drivability problems. When the engine is surging, you want to have the car checked. Ensure you seek help of a vehicle towing company to bring it to a repair shop for check up.


A faulty cooling system can cause your vehicle to overheat. A low fluid level may also be another reason your car is overheating. When you see the dashboard warning light and you are pulled to the road side with a steaming hood, act fast. Call emergency car recovery service in Garland, TX to take the vehicle for inspection and repair by a mechanic. You will have your vehicle looked at and repaired to avoid inconveniences.

A blowout or flat tire

A common culprit of delays in road trips is having flat tires. This may be caused by wear and tear but other times, it may be due to over-inflation especially in summer months when the temperatures are high. The increased temperature will cause the air pressure in tires to rise thereby resulting in a blowout. If your vehicle experiences a blowout and you have no spare tire, then you may need to have it towed to a garage. Don’t drive a vehicle with a flat tire, you may damage the rim and other parts. Driving a car that seems to be failing may be a risk you’re taking. Whenever your vehicle begins to experience mechanical problems on the road, just pull aside and seek help. Sometimes, you may be lucky to have a mechanic come and restore it. At other times, the issue may need a proper checkup using state-of-the-art technology. This means that it has to be taken to a garage shop. An emergency car recovery service in Garland, TX becomes handy during these desperate times.