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With the amount of time the average person spends in their car, they are bound to get into a few accidents in their lifetime. During some of those instances, if you’ve been involved in a car accident it’s very likely that your vehicle is going to be towed and you won’t have much of a say in who takes your car and where it even goes.

It’s often that a police officer or another emergency service will dispatch the wrecker for you to the scene of the accident. But in some cases when you experience a breakdown, engine trouble, or a “one car” accident, you will find that getting your car towed can be a little less of a stressful experience with a little research on local towing service in Richardson first. Here are some things to consider before you contact a towing company after you have had an accident or car trouble.

Get your car back quickly with local towing service in Richardson

Whether your car was towed privately or publicly, you will still be responsible for towing and storage fees. These storage fees are going to begin accumulating every day, so assuring that you are going to get your car as soon as possible will definitely save you a lot of money, as these fees can add up very fast.

Make sure you don’t…

Don’t call 911 right away unless there is something seriously wrong or you are injured. The operators more than likely won’t be able to help you when it comes to getting a local towing service in Richardson, and you will also be holding up the line for those who are in a dire need of emergency services. Instead, find a directory online for a towing company or contact your insurance to see if they have any recommended local towing companies.

Take a Photo of your Car

Before the tow truck arrives, take some photos of your car (and any others involved) after the accident. This is going to document the exact damages that occurred from the accident and isn’t going to reflect if anything happens to the car during or after the towing process, due to any unexplained or unexpected damages that might occur.

Your Insurance Might Cover the Towing

Although it does depend on the situation, it is very possible that your insurance policy may cover the towing of your vehicle in the case of an accident or if your vehicle breaks down. In this scenario, your insurance company might even have a specific local towing service in Richardson company that they will frequently use or suggest that they can dispatch on your behalf.

Don’t Just Trust any ole’ Truck

When you are in a state of panic after a car related accident, you are more than likely not going to be thinking straight. So, it’s very common to react fast and trust any truck from a local towing service in Richardson that shows up. But, you don’t want to trust any truck that shows up and takes your vehicle, especially if it is unmarked or looks unfamiliar. Local towing truck companies are going to have a decent sized logo that you will be able to distinguish, as well as license numbers that might be required by certain state laws.

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