Towing a Broken-Down Car from a Parking Garage

Broken-down car in a parking garage?

If you have not experienced it then you have likely at least wondered…how in the world can a broken-down car get towed out of a constricted parking garage? The ceilings are low, and the lanes narrow. Plus, tow trucks typically have a lengthy arm (technically called the boom) mounted to the base of the truck and angled upward. DFW Towing services will tell you how this gets accomplished.

First off, tow trucks come in many different varieties. The ones you see carrying 15 cars obviously would not work in this situation. A flatbed probably would not work either. That type of tow truck is too long; it would be difficult to create the appropriate angle to board a broken-down car from a parking spot onto the flatbed.

Light/Medium Truck Towing for your broken-down car

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Sensibly, it is the smaller tow trucks that would do the job. In our arsenal, we call them light trucks and medium trucks. These are really no different in size that what you would admire from an ordinary truck. Light and medium tow trucks have a stinger attached to the base that can be lowered and raised, as needed.

For the hypothetical at hand, the stinger would be latched to either the bumper or tow hitch of the broken-down car. The stinger would be low enough to avoid the parking garage ceiling and short enough to enable the proper angle for removing the vehicle from the parking spot. Of course, it would help if the parking space on either or both sides of the car were vacant. Unfortunately, that is kind of a hit-and-miss situation.

Wheel-Lift Tow Trucks

Tow trucks working from the bottom to the top instead of top to bottom are becoming more common.

What do we mean by that?

Well, more often than not, the tow arm operates in a sort of triangle formation. Half of the arm angles up and the other half angles down. Once the vehicle is latched, the arm motions up to lift two wheels off of the ground. The upward motion can create space issues in a parking garage.

Thus, working from the bottom to the top is the logical method. Wheel-lift tow trucks have it to where the arm is parallel to the ground. It flattens on the ground and two side brackets open to the sides for wheel placement. Once wheels are within the brackets, they are locked, or cradled for security. Remote-operated hydraulics enable the brackets and the arm to be raised off the ground. This raises the two wheels. From there, the vehicle is secure and the tow truck will proceed to the destination for the vehicle to be fixed.

DFW Towing Services

Removing a broken-down car from a parking garage is not easy task, but it can be done. If you ever find yourself, and your car in such a situation, call DFW Towing Services. We have the necessary tow trucks available to help and we promise our towing experts will have your car out of its current quandary in no time!

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